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Early Retirement Travel with the Nomad Expat Duo Since March 2020 

A couple sitting on a wall at sunset in Nazare Portugal
A man hugging his dog in in front of the Budapest Hungary Parliament Building
A couple sitting at the Terasa Restaurant in Novi Sad Serbia

Discover your inner adventurer! Have you considered the possibilities of living abroad as an Expat, Nomad, Early Retirement Traveler or Slow Traveler? Don't let finances hold you back — there are affordable and viable options waiting for you to explore. Our Slow Travel Early Retirement journey is all about discovering new and exciting places to live for 1-3 months. From cost of living to residency options and international health coverage we cover it all. Our travel store has everything from electronics to pet essentials. We share our best tips for saving on travel, banking and more. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel Warren Julie Travel and our Facebook Group and let's start exploring together.

Lugano, Switzerland

How Our Story Began:

We are Warren and Julie and in 2009, we made a decision to retire abroad as soon as we were financially capable. With perseverance, wise investments and living within our means, we were able to fulfill our dream and retire early at ages 51 and 45 in March 2020.

We embarked on our journey by exploring Central America, the Philippines, Taiwan, Europe and Ecuador before realizing that choosing just one country was not enough. So, we decided to choose them all!

For over four years, we have been traveling the world with our two furry companions, Arya and Katie, and although it may be challenging at times, we wouldn't have it any other way. We hope our story inspires others to pursue their dreams and make them a reality.

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